Zombie Gunship Survival v1.7.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo, Dumb Enemies)

  -  Unlimited Ammo, Dumb Enemies
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    Zombie Gunship Survival

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    1.7.4 LATEST

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    Unlimited Ammo, Dumb Enemies

Zombie Gunship Survival is a shooting and strategy game where players will join AI teammates to penetrate dangerous areas to complete missions. These missions often bring a very high rate of encountering waves of completely aggressive and bloodthirsty zombies bent on destroying all life in sight. In particular, you can take advantage of many weapons to eliminate these enemies and increase the character’s chances of survival. IMMERSIVE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SETTING Zombie Gunship Survival takes place in a post-apocalyptic world – a familiar theme but has never been hot in the gaming market. The world is facing increasing dangers and is forced to equip itself with advanced weapons. But in some ships carrying weapons, dangerous zombies appear. You and two characters will participate in the listening process to gain more information, but unfortunately, the two characters ahead are surrounded by zombies. From there, you will be responsible for destroying zombies from afar and creating retreats for teammates on duty in dangerous locations. Dive into a dark, deadly world: Experience an intense horror atmosphere with non-stop action. Fight to survive against overwhelming zombie hordes: Unleash your firepower against the undead swarm. CONTROL AN AC130 GUNSHIP You will use weapons equipped on the plane and your vision will usually be gray to be able to identify enemies or teammates easily. Those who want to approach your teammates will try to destroy them to buy time and complete the mission. But in the end, the number of zombies in that mission has exceeded the limit that you can destroy. A difficult decision was made, and the player was forced to destroy that ship from afar. So, with just a touch of the screen, you will see the ship gradually being destroyed and crashing into surrounding elements. No one can survive with the zombies from there. Annihilate zombies from an armored aircraft: Rain down destruction with cannons, rockets, and more. Strategically eliminate threats to support ground troops: Provide air support to help your squad survive. RPG PROGRESSION SYSTEM After that failed mission, you will continue to be placed on different missions, and this time, you will try not to let that problem happen again. You will make sure all your teammates’ paths are prepared and completely clean, and if a dangerous object like a zombie appears, you will have to destroy it immediately. In particular, by receiving state-of-the-art equipment with observation support elements, you can completely control what is happening inside the map and can shape the path for the character to reach the requested location. Things that are highlighted and prominent in your vision force you to take them down immediately before any negative consequences can occur again. Upgrade weapons, armor, and abilities for your gunship: Become more powerful over time. Collect resources to fortify your base against attacks: Strengthen defenses against the undead. WEEKLY EVENTS Besides the guns that allow you to create continuous attacks like a meteor shower, the arsenal of weapons you can access is much more diverse than that. Powerful offensive weapons can stop approaching waves of zombies quickly and restore ammo immediately afterward. But there are others, limited in number because their damage is high and their influence is quite wide. Therefore, messages like rockets are often used in special cases, and this is also what destroyed the weapon transport ship at the beginning of the game. Over time, as the level increases, new diverse weapons will gradually be unlocked. Take on special events with unique rewards: Earn limited-time legendary weapons and items. Test your skills in challenging scenarios: Prove yourself against zombie hordes. ACTIVE SOCIAL COMMUNITY When starting a mission, you should also take a look at your teammates because they are the ones who will collect information in the field, and you will be the protector. The more fragile they are, the lower their success rate is, so you are not the one who gets the privilege of owning many weapons. Players can equip many different weapons for teammates, and depending on their level, the number of teammates will increase over time. The more characters, the faster you can reach the finish line and the higher the success rate. So, don’t upgrade your own strength, but take advantage of the resources you have to support your teammates in the best way. Share strategies and stories: Connect with the zombie-fighting community. Team up to take on cooperative challenges: Join forces against the undead threat.