Thetan Arena v420 MOD APK (Map Hack, Drone View)

  -  Map Hack, Drone View
  • App Name:

    Thetan Arena

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    Wolffun Pte Ltd

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  • Latest Version:

    420 LATEST

  • MOD Info:

    Map Hack, Drone View

Thetan Arena’s gameplay is inspired by massively multiplayer online battle arenas, which means it can host epic battles across various game modes. Not only will you learn about the heroes’ abilities, but you can also show off your abilities. HEROIC BATTLES TAKE PLACE IN MOBA STYLE The game’s powerful character creation system allows players to play as one of over 30 heroes. They will demonstrate their abilities in battle using their unique strategies and techniques. Furthermore, everyone has special abilities that can be used in various attack strategies. All heroes have distinct personalities and looks and wear elaborate costumes that set them apart. It would be best to unlock your favorite hero by meeting specific criteria before you can use and claim him. Not only will their strength increase as they progress through the levels, but so will their appearance and appearance. SURVIVAL BATTLE MODE When you visit Thetan Arena, you will have a chance to play in battle royale mode. This is a survival mode to find the last survivor. Here, you and your opponents will compete in a match of up to 42 people, divided into 21 teams of two. When the battle begins, the teams will fight according to their distinct strategies, ensuring a fierce and bloody fight. On a larger map, you can move freely and use any strategy you want in this battle. Competitors must give their best if they want to be the last. DEATHMATCH MODE The in-game Deathmatch mode is reminiscent of classic PvP competitions. You will assemble a team of four heroes with friends or other players and engage in a real-time battle. You and three other players will face off against another team in a large arena for up to five minutes. All heroes from both sides will go head-to-head to show off their strength, win, and increase their total achievement points. After being killed, you will be resurrected from the original spawn point and can continue to fight with your teammates. At the end of time, the team with the highest total score wins. DEVELOP NEW SKILLS To successfully compete against opponents whose abilities surpass you, you must equip yourself with new powers in addition to the unique abilities possessed by the heroes. Strength is classified into three elements: support, effect, and damage. Thus, each element has a distinct set of abilities, the development of which is determined by the player’s preferred playstyle. For example, a damage skill generates a large amount of attack power for a short period. Support skills will help the hero endure fierce attacks from enemies. Skill effects will cause the status of teammates, opponents, and even yourself. SOME OTHER GAME MODES You can play both modes, as mentioned earlier, as well as the superstar mode and the Tower Destroy mode. Each mode will have its own set of content to enjoy. Participation opens up a world of exciting and challenging opportunities. For example, in superstar mode, the player must actively seek and collect stars to accumulate enough stars before the enemy completes his level. In Tower Destroy mode, players will take on the hero role, able to rush to enemies, attack, and destroy them quickly, similar to the online multiplayer arena.