The Cook - 3D Cooking v1.2.22 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

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    The Cook - 3D Cooking

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    SayGames Ltd

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    1.2.22 LATEST

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    Free Rewards

The mouthwatering recipes The Cook provides can be used to create delicious meals. Players are responsible for every game aspect, from planning and preparing dinner to delivering and collecting consumer payments. You have to perform both the duties of a salesman and a chef. The game simulates daily cooking and tells you more about the world’s cuisine. FOOD PROCESSING AND RESTAURANT CONSTRUCTION Every new day in The Cook game will be a different menu, and your mission will change daily. You will choose the ingredients, prepare them, then place them in the main cooking pot and serve. Bananas, vegetables, strawberries, meat, and tomatoes are familiar ingredients in the game. Your work will repeat like this daily until you reach 100% of the requirements and move on to the next level. Prizes from Prize Delivery appear randomly while playing; you can get one for free or watch more ads to receive more. Take advantage of random in-game loot to stay ahead of your opponents. BUILD COOK CITY This is a small resort and entertainment for customers visiting the store. Players must equip chairs, refrigerators, umbrellas, and tables to serve the activities here. The Cook has many things to build in addition to Cook City, Tropic Heaven, Arctic Lands, Mild West, and Sakura Gardens; it will be unlocked based on the progress of completing the quest. Every place is a discovery in a new place; that’s how to attract your customers. MAKE SOME CHANGES Stoves, tableware, and knives are required to provide an even higher level of service. If you randomly open new kit slots with the current coins, you will be rewarded with matching new kits. At this point, each item has six different ingredients that can be incorporated into the cooking process. The chef is changed into fresh clothes with images such as head, body, and extra. Every day that goes by, the chef has only one set of clothes with the same appearance, making you feel bored. Besides caring about the quality of service, you also need to take care of the chef.