Stumble Guys v0.65.5 MOD APK (Unlocked All, Mega Menu)

  -  Unlocked All, Mega Menu
  • App Name:

    Stumble Guys

  • Publisher:

    Kitka Games

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  • Latest Version:

    0.65.5 LATEST

  • MOD Info:

    Unlocked All, Mega Menu

Stumble Guys’ head-to-head knockout competition is both colorful and entertaining. Participate in meeting the various criteria so you can be a part of the crucial group that arrives at the end. If you are knocked down, get back up, and the fun will continue. Each of these steps will be a difficult challenge that will put your bravery to the test. A 32-PLAYER ONLINE ROUND OF BATTLE ROYALE Stumble Guys’ gameplay isn’t limited to “chase and kill.” The amazing thing about our game is that it has both entertaining and unexpectedly fast-paced gameplay. The Battle Royal table will feature 32 players competing against each other to determine who will win the championship trophy and has the most items. Players must not only slow down during the race but also navigate tiny roadways with the skill to save their teammates. Players can demonstrate their resourcefulness and perseverance in combat by venturing further into the bizarre racetracks. THERE ARE MANY NEW AND UNPREDICTABLE CHALLENGES TO FACE. To overcome the thousands of obstacles in your path, you must have a good sense of humor, keep a steady beat, and maintain good coordination. There are numerous secrets to be discovered throughout the massive football field, ski area, and masters racetrack. The lightning-fast pace, the unexpected nature of the challenges, and the ever-changing appearance of the control panel will leave you perplexed. The enormous balls will pursue you; if you cannot move quickly and take advantage of any potential openings, you will be defeated. We can trick our opponents into riding on dangerous runways and create unexpected distractions to eliminate risky riders and easily and quickly win the match. You must get a feel for the battle’s rhythm and flee to the safe square as soon as possible. The honeycomb region will also collapse indefinitely. COLLECT THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF CHARACTERS POSSIBLE. Stumble Guys gives you access to five different characters, each with a unique combat approach. Before joining the round, consider how you will take advantage of that character’s advantages. Because of the ninja’s ability to transform, which grants you this ability, you can move quickly and avoid collisions. The addition of Aliens will also significantly change your main roster. The most eagerly awaited additions are almost always high-level characters; however, acquiring these characters would necessitate a significant financial investment. As a result, players are obligated to take advantage of any opportunity to acquire money and diamond chests along the way. YOU CAN WIN BY OUTMANEUVERING YOUR OPPONENT BY BEING AWARE OF EVERY MOVE THEY MAKE Players can schedule their matches by having their opponents in each round and be real-life friends. It is difficult to win at this level because you must be the sole survivor of the bloodiest and most horrific conflict ever. If you want to be the greatest racer of all time, you must defeat all of your opponents. Each obstacle’s surprise attack rate and overall speed will be increased by 100%. The competition to reach the top level is energized by vibrant squares, and fast-paced music is played to encourage players to move quickly. Armor and other defensive equipment can be purchased from the in-game store to protect your team. Furthermore, one of the best ways to achieve incredible breakthroughs is to rush past opponents. KEY FEATURES Physics-based ragdoll characters that stumble and fall as you try to reach the finish line first Over 20 mini-games to compete in, like racing, tag, soccer, and more wacky physics challenges Customize your character with funny hats, masks, outfits and accessories purchased with in-game currency Online multiplayer battles with up to 32 players on the same map at once Level up your character to unlock new gear and compete in higher ranked matches Daily and weekly challenges to complete that provide coins and experience points Leaderboards to climb and show that you’re the best ragdoll physics competitor Party modes to play mini-games back-to-back in a custom playlist with friends Kid-friendly cartoon violence and slapstick humor make it fun for all ages