Spoon: Talk & Music Livestream v9.3.4 APK (Latest)

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    9.3.4 LATEST

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You can broadcast your voice to an audience in real-time using the Livestream application. This app has no camera and only supports konten. You can use your voice to tell people stories or to share interesting events from the day. People will value hearing from you. Furthermore, you have complete control over the daily content broadcast to your listeners and viewers. Why not use it in the most natural way possible when conversing with others? CREATE OR FIND NEW PODCASTS FOR FREE EVERY DAY You can start live chat sessions with many other users using Spoon. Depending on your preferences, you can go live and tell stories about various personal life topics and many other rich topics. There is also a plethora of fascinating podcasts featuring interviews with other celebrities. They will teach you important information or life lessons. After listening to those podcasts, you will learn new things and improve your existing knowledge. Choose appropriate shows and podcasts to watch and listen to expand your knowledge continuously. LIVE STREAMING IS AN OPTION FOR US TOGETHER ON THIS PLATFORM. Spoon allows you to converse with a large group of people while live streaming and sharing interesting content with them all simultaneously. Daily, you will be able to meet many new people and exchange a great deal of information and anecdotes with them. Furthermore, you can get people to listen to your words by making the content as unique and novel as possible. You can also create a poll for the listeners, making it much easier for them to participate in the discussion. You can also listen in on conversations between various celebrities. ALL SOUNDS CAN BE KEPT IN INTERESTING PODCASTS Using Spoon, creating engaging podcasts, and providing your audience members with the most informative and helpful information will be much easier. It will help you save all of the sounds you have exchanged with one another and the most compelling conversations. Everything is recorded and saved as podcasts, which can then be shared on various social media platforms. Let’s make podcasts based on true stories and interviews with people who aren’t afraid to be completely honest to share their deepest feelings and, most importantly, life lessons with listeners daily. If you are a listener and miss some of your idol’s live streams, you don’t have to worry because you can look for them and watch recordings of them for free. It only takes a double click to find the podcasts you’re looking for in record time. SPOON IS A SAFE AND JOYFUL CONVERSATION PLATFORM Spoon is a secure chat application, so you can freely communicate with many other users without fear of being attacked. This app has a team of moderators who perform stringent checks on every new user before allowing them to register, as one of their top priorities is to ensure the safety of the users. Many people highly value spoons because they do not contain any toxic or hazardous substances. Furthermore, it will teach its audience members important and applicable life lessons, assisting many people in becoming more motivated in their daily lives.