Simon’s Cat Crunch Time v1.74.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

  -  Unlimited Money
  • App Name:

    Simon’s Cat Crunch Time

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    Tactile Games Limited

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  • Latest Version:

    1.74.1 LATEST

  • MOD Info:

    Unlimited Money

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time takes you on an exciting journey through many new lands with many lovely and friendly characters. However, your journey is always fraught with villainous obstacles and dangerous traps. So your mission is to transform into a wise super cat and move around the area deftly. Players must devote much time to caring for cats by purchasing delicious food and listening to them. TO CREATE DELICIOUS AND STYLISH FOOD CHAINS, COMBINE MULTIPLE INGREDIENTS The Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time puzzle game series provides a relaxing environment and an extremely appealing and rewarding puzzle challenge. Your first task will be to meet your pets’ nutritional requirements. Each animal species will have different food chain requirements, and you will be responsible for connecting the appropriate amount of food in the map grid system. Many new materials will appear as you level up and complete new quests. However, while moving the food chain, some materials will become stuck and cannot be combined in the next turn, so you must carefully calculate the turns to achieve the highest score. IN THE CITY, THERE ARE SIX DIFFERENT GAME MODES FOR YOU TO EXPERIENCE MANY INTERESTING THINGS. Diverse game modes bring extremely vibrant and fresh color to your entertainment space, allowing you to pursue interesting puzzle sequences. Many modes in Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time require you to overcome time constraints and collect the entire food chain before the game ends. To win in this mode, you must make optimal combinations in a short amount of time. A series of exciting tournaments where players can choose their opponents and complete unique challenges with their friends. To optimize the rules and time, you can choose your tasks and assign them to your teammates. Furthermore, each of the six modes has its distinct style, providing you with the most fascinating and wonderful puzzle experience. DEFEAT THE EVIL SUPERBOSS BY USING ALL OF YOUR SUPERPOWERS The evil bosses dominate on special missiles and plot to take away all your food. Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time requires the player to destroy all these names, but you can avoid drawing attention to them by completing your mission first. Sir Royston, the Pug, hungry hedgehogs, and vacuum cleaners will sweep everything you own. Direct your pets to flee or plan an attack to reclaim your entire food chain. Counter-attack support is available in the shop to help you overwhelm the villains. HELP MANY PEOPLE ALONG THE WAY AND RECEIVE MANY VALUABLE GIFTS BY PARTICIPATING Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time initiates a series of extremely interesting mini-game challenges featuring numerous impressive puzzles. You are responsible for assisting the elderly man by the roadside and assisting her in finding her home. The old lady will reward you with a certain amount of bonus money for each successful request you make. Players should use this money to buy more pets and try to care for them properly. On this adventure, valuable treasures are unlocked for you, along with useful and appealing items.