Rise of King Uther MOD APK v1.1.2 (Unlimited Money)

  -  Unlimited Money
  • App Name:

    Rise of King Uther

  • Publisher:

    Wejoy World

  • Genre:

    Role Playing

  • Size:


  • Latest Version:

    1.1.2 LATEST

  • MOD Info:

    Unlimited Money

Rise of King Uther Mod Apk will be a game that can give its players the highest entertainment experience through prepared, engaging battles. If you love games designed for combat role-playing, this will be a great choice that you should pay attention to. With this game, players will be involved in a dark world full of dangers surrounding everyone and everything with an evil gloom. But you also do not need to feel too worried about the invasion of darkness because you will be the one to represent justice, for light to be able to defeat all darkness. You will be responsible for recruiting the heroes of this world and leading them to participate in battles to find glory. In addition to helping its players own an attractive game mode, the game also gives its players a tense and dramatic storyline like never before. The opening game will be a decline when King Uthur is mortally wounded and confirmed dead in the last battle of the world, and he has been sent to the holy land of Avalon to rest. And that’s when it started when at the edge of Avalon, a large number of undead and demons rose with an evil plan to engulf everything in darkness. The kingdom’s peace is no longer protected, and the people live miserable lives when the villain army destroys everything. In their final desperation, everyone prayed for good things to come in the future and that it would be none other than King Uthur’s return. After experiencing a storyline with the highest appeal, it will be the time when they start their game with different tasks and challenges waiting. Your main task when coming to your game will be to recruit the best heroes and gather them all to build yourself a powerful army. The most loyal heroes in the game will also be able to possess powerful skills that can be used in battle and the ability to add equipment to increase their strength. After you’ve done a little bit of building yourself an army of fighting heroes, it’s time to start your battles. The game will give you a challenge system with many monsters and even a Boss with terrible power ready to confront and defeat you.