Music Player v1.02.39.0613 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

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    Music Player

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    Dairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder

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    Music & Audio

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    VIP Unlocked

Offline Music Player: Play MP3 is an extremely convenient music player application and is trusted by many people. Here, you will enjoy a musical space with many different songs, giving listeners relaxation and relief from daily fatigue. With the current and new music system, you will be able to explore and listen to music freely. OFFLINE LISTENING – PLAY MUSIC WITHOUT THE INTERNET This application brings you a music treasure with all different music genres, allowing you to freely choose. Besides, you can listen to music anytime, anywhere, depending on your preferences. Songs will be played even when your phone is offline. Anytime Listening: To save on mobile mode and serve your music listening, you can listen to songs in offline mode. You can listen to music while waiting for the bus, listen to it in your free time or listen to it whenever you want. Data Saver: Download the songs you like to your phone so that every time you want to listen, you just need to click on it to listen. No Connectivity Needed: You don’t need a network connection to explore and experience many interesting features that this application brings. EQUALIZER – CUSTOMIZE YOUR SOUND Everyone has different ways of perceiving music, so adjusting the sound to make it easy to hear and pleasing to you is something this application will allow you to express comfortably. Look for more new music to immerse yourself in, enjoy, and relax after a long, tiring day of work! Customized Sound: Users are free to adjust the sound of songs according to their wishes in the most comfortable way. Please increase or decrease the volume depending on the situation. Enhanced Experience: Create vitality and make music exciting through new music. Be creative and adjust the sound to suit your audience. Optimized for Genres: Here, you will have your eyes opened when you discover many extremely unique and new music genres. Optimize the quality so you can listen to music with the loudest, clearest sound. konten Controls: Users can freely adjust the rise, fall, and flutter of musical notes according to their wishes. Become a wise user, know how to use and own the most attractive and interesting music. PLAYLISTS – ORGANIZE YOUR MUSIC Classify your music in an easy-to-see way so that every time you want to listen, you don’t have to waste time searching for songs you’ve heard before. This will help you save a lot of your time and effort. Please arrange the content into small, specific sections to help you enjoy your music more comfortably. Mood Based: You can create and list frequently listened to music into the most detailed list. Besides, you can clearly divide each different genre of happy and sad music into separate sections. Favorites Ready: For the songs you love the most, bookmark them and put them first. That way, every time you open the application, you can listen to the song you like more conveniently. Intelligent Recommendations: If during use, you have any comments or suggestions, you can leave a comment under the comments section of the application, or you can contact us directly via email. Stay Organized: Arrange everything in this application neatly and clearly to make the application more eye-catching and easier to see. MUSIC LIBRARY MANAGEMENT When using this application, you will have the opportunity to freely manage your music catalog in your own way. Besides, you can select and rearrange every song and artist list in the most visible way. That way, you will easily find the music you want in your own way. Auto Library Scanner: This application will automatically scan your music library as quickly as possible. Quick Search: If you need to search for any song, with just one click, you will get the results you want. Music Browser: Collect your favorite artists and create a separate album, making it more convenient for users to listen to music. Large Collection Manager: You can listen to music without connecting to the Internet extremely comfortably anytime, anywhere. This has made many users satisfied and highly appreciative of it. CUSTOMIZABLE INTERFACE You will have an extremely clear interface, full of sections for users to selectively distribute all tracks. You can choose colors and different themes to create your own folders. Not only that, you can control pause or resume music playback right on the phone screen with just one extremely convenient button. Multiple Themes: Create your own themes for your albums; you can give them many different names to make it easier to distinguish and find when you need to listen to music. More specifically, you can add colors to each item from the most diverse color palettes. Customized Wallpapers: To have an interface as you wish, you have the right to choose and reinstall this application’s wallpaper according to your preferences very easily. Each wallpaper has its own unique and beautiful features. Home Screen Access: Displaying music tracks right on your lock screen has made it more convenient for users when they want to turn it off or stop. Don’t forget to introduce the application to everyone to help them also enjoy the great features that the application brings. Personalized Look: Each user will have a different interface, depending on each person’s style, creating unique features for your music enjoyment space.