God of World v0.23.86 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources, No ADS)

  -  Unlimited Resources, No ADS
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    God of World (Me Is King)

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    0.23.86 LATEST

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    Unlimited Resources, No ADS

Life of King: World Box Risk is a game with a unique farm theme to explore while ruling this place as the greatest king. Your mission is to rule this kingdom, create the largest garden, and save people’s lives. Collect items quickly to complete quests and rebuild everything in this land. ENJOY THE UNIQUE GAMEPLAY AS WELL AS A SERIES OF INTERESTING QUESTS WAITING FOR YOU Life of King: World Box Risk will transport you to new locations as you embark on exciting adventures in this farm-themed game. In the game, you will live in a simulated stone age setting, where everything appears to have just begun. Players will be transformed into kings with all the skills required to build a new kingdom. Furthermore, the gameplay is not overly complex, allowing you to adapt to everything and control to reinvent everything quickly. You will be able to become the lord of the tribe and wield ultimate power over your predecessors as a result of it. Furthermore, the people here do not have a place to live or work, so you will need to assist them in making a better life for themselves. CREATE YOUR KINGDOM WITH DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS AND JOBS The game will assign you a series of tasks, so now is the time to demonstrate your ability to complete the task. Your daily task is to make the best decisions for the village’s construction and to reach new milestones as quickly as possible. Players will use the images in the game to select the appropriate job to complete the task required by each level. More specifically, as you collect the required items, you will have the opportunity to receive additional resources and food to help the village grow. In addition, you must cut trees to make more room for building houses and hunt rare pigs for food, among thousands of other tasks. RULE THE KINGDOM WHILE ASSISTING YOUR CITIZENS When you take on all of the work in Life of King: World Box Risk, you can become a versatile manager. However, you must instruct the people of this tribe to assist you in constructing the village as soon as possible. In addition, there will be some villagers skilled at hunting and others skilled at gathering resources to construct shelter structures. Combining everything, you can exploit and use their abilities to create the hottest kingdom. Controlling people and monitoring their work progress also helps to avoid unnecessary trouble. DEFEND THE VILLAGERS AGAINST MONSTERS AND LEARN MORE NEW FEATURES In addition to the above unique features, players can explore a variety of other appealing game modes available only in this game. Furthermore, it would be best if you made the necessary and appropriate decisions for your kingdom to become powerful and fully equipped. You must ensure everyone’s survival by producing food and raising livestock. Fruit trees will provide you with food, and you will be able to feed your tribe. Furthermore, outside monsters will always find ways to stalk and destroy your kingdom, so you must be vigilant and destroy so that they do not have the opportunity to dominate. GAME FEATURES Decision-Making: If you Sim your idle decisions well, you can see your idle tycoon develop, but if you Sim them poorly, you can watch your empire crumble. Daily Breeding: Give your pets cookies to eat and train them to behave like dinosaurs! Management of Resources: Simulate your cavemen in order to hatch dinosaurs; some cavemen are more suited for farming, while others are better suited for baking cookies. Simple Controls: Simply decide what actions your people should do, and then sit back and watch the magic unfold! Adorable Art: Are there any lovable pets in the form of dinosaurs? Without a doubt, there are! Build it or make choices that will effect the lives of your inhabitants and convert them into the greatest metropolis this planet has ever seen to become the ruler of the Prehistoric Stone Age Empire. Watch Time Pass: Time passes in your empire, so watch as each day comes and goes!