Doctor Who: Lost in Time v2.0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

  -  Unlimited Currency
  • App Name:

    Doctor Who: Lost in Time

  • Publisher:

    East Side Games Studio

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  • Latest Version:

    2.0.1 LATEST

  • MOD Info:

    Unlimited Currency

Doctor Who: Lost in Time is a tycoon game with a unique progression and storyline to keep players busy with various works and expansions with idle gameplay. Besides, players get to play with Doctor Who and explore various places and dimensions to meet with new characters or iconic opposites chasing them across the dimensions. START A NEW STORYLINE WITH THE CHARACTERS Find out who is behind the plan to eliminate the Doctor that involves other dimensions by progressing with the stories and uncovering fascinating hidden truths. As you play through a brand-new adventure, you’ll visit iconic locations from the series and team up with numerous Doctors and friends to take on fresh interpretations of classic villains. The enjoyment and surprises will increase gradually with your interactions, making the game more enjoyable than ever while traveling with Dr. Who. FIND THE LOST FRIENDS AND REUNITE WITH NEW ADVENTURES Acquire all of the people that are most important to you as you travel throughout the universe. You will undoubtedly encounter some of your previous companions, and you can have more fun by having them by your side. Collecting trading cards featuring the Doctor and his traveling companions can bring them together from across time and space. You can level up the cards and uncover their rewards by using the resources at your disposal. Moreover, they yield high benefits and can suit your tycoon system. SAVE THE WORLD BY COLLECTING VORTEX POWER Vortex power is energy unique to the game’s dimensions and progression, and you can earn them through different methods. However, the most typical way is to build and maintain Waypoints, which connect different TARDISes over space and time. You’ll need to make your way to far-flung locales such as Gallifrey, Skaro, and Atlantis to get the resources you’ll require to foil the schemes of various villains and save the universe as you travel around.