Cut the Rope v3.60.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters)

  -  Unlimited Boosters
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    Cut the Rope

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    3.60.1 LATEST

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    Unlimited Boosters

Cut the Rope is a unique and engaging rope-cutting puzzle game. You just put the sweet candy in the mouth of a hungry green frog and crave candy. You will need to use your innovative thinking in the game levels, and this green frog is expecting the players to participate in the game of cutting the rope. HUNGRY GREEN FROG Players will appreciate a novel and fun approach to collecting and solving puzzles. The frog will wait patiently for the sweets to drop, giving you ample time to absorb everything. In contrast, this green frog will rampage if the gamer fails. The green frog has to eat some delicious sweets because it is hungry. The green frog needs your help to overcome obstacles, and you are the only one who can do it. You and the frog can explore many locations and levels, searching for sweets. SURPRISE WITH PUZZLES You deserve to enjoy the sweets after completing the puzzle and cutting the rope. Cut the Rope gives participants a surprisingly different and exciting experience. As new and diverse environments are revealed, the solutions to the puzzles presented will change unpredictably. As a player, you must solve puzzles and watch for numerous dangers. The frog can be seen from afar with the sweet pleasure it longs for. Players will use this knowledge to solve unusual puzzles with many additional challenges. CHARACTER SETTINGS The main character in this video game is a green frog who always craves sugar. Om Nom is the adorable nickname given to this little green frog. The player’s protagonist, a gluttonous green frog named Om Nom, will evolve as the game’s levels go on. Change the reader’s perception of the story and Om Nom, the greedy green frog. The character creation and visual/konten customization options in Cut the Rope are unlike any other. Increase players’ interest in puzzle games by providing them with new content.