Airport City v8.33.05 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

  -  Unlimited Money
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    Airport City

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    Game Insight

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    8.33.05 LATEST

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    Unlimited Money

In the game Airport City, your job is to build and manage different air transport systems. After creating an airport and equipping it with a fleet of aircraft, the player will improve the surrounding area. Airplane control will allow you to travel through vast spaces and acquire an advanced plane without engaging in air combat. As you fly worldwide, you get an aerial view of the city below. BECOME A MANAGER Coming to the game, you are both an aircraft controller and an airport manager. You will both lead the construction team and pick up people around. The player has complete control and ensures that the plane takes off safely and everyone has a happy flight. The number of passengers will increase after you update and improve as much of the infrastructure as possible. Your company can grow in the revenue generated by your customers. If you want to work in the aviation industry, you should look for a job as an airport city transport manager. IMPROVE YOUR EXISTING AIRPORT Airport City transport manager allows players to gain manager experience. Before your airport can reach its full potential, much work still needs to be done. You must ensure everything is done correctly and the infrastructure is attractive for people. Customers will choose your company if they are treated well and have a pleasant stay. To be successful, you must meet the needs of your guests. SYSTEM OF AIRCRAFT TYPES Airport City transport manager offers a wide range of aircraft in different designs and colors. You can use the proceeds from your private flights to buy a more premium plane. If you buy a plane, you can expect a lot of customers. If you intend to build an airport that can accommodate many aircraft, consider expanding the available space, infrastructure, and supplies. Pre-flight preparations include checking the aircraft for damage and ensuring enough fresh fuel. It will be expensive, but you will have a better plane to travel with and the trust of your passengers. LOOK AT THE LANDSCAPE Traveling to different locations and discovering new lands are two things you can look forward to when visiting the game. You’ll be able to start collecting the priceless items you’ve always wanted and searching for antiques, creating the collection of antiques you’ve always dreamed of. Furthermore, expanding a destination’s tourism infrastructure is a surefire way to make a lot of money quickly. Your income will increase in proportion to the number of new customers you acquire. Not only by acquiring external material wealth but also by engaging in various activities. Increase your external income, hoard gold coins, and get a bigger budget to pay for more projects. EXPAND MORE PROJECTS Build more significant and larger structures to transform the area into a bustling metropolis with some of the world’s best airports. You will need to invest in extensive facilities, hangars, and other large-scale projects to achieve your goals. Due to the complexity involved, the aviation industry must be organized most efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. There will always be challenges in the beginning, but you should always try to overcome them. You can upgrade your buildings to become even more advanced as soon as you earn more money. GAME FEATURES Building and upgrading airport facilities, such as terminals, runways, and hangars. Managing the daily operations of the airport, such as scheduling flights and managing staff. Expanding the airport by constructing new buildings and upgrading existing ones. Completing tasks and missions to earn rewards and progress through the game. Social features, such as visiting friends’ airports, competing on leaderboards, and participating in events. Collecting and upgrading different types of planes, each with their own unique characteristics. Building and upgrading residential and commercial buildings to increase the airport’s revenue. Managing the airport’s cargo operations by shipping and receiving different types of cargo. Researching new technologies to unlock new features and buildings Participating in tournaments, events and alliance features to compete with other players globally.