Taming Master : Pet Guardian (Global) Ver. 1.0.2 MOD APK

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Taming Master is an idle game that offers a more exciting and fun experience than ordinary taming games. With its unique features, players can collect and train a variety of pets, build a powerful pet deck, and trade pets with other players.

Trade Pets and Mine Soul Stones
Taming Master is a P2E game, which means that players can earn tokens by trading pets and mining Soul Stones. This allows players to earn real-world value from their gameplay.

Idle RPG Where Your Character Grows Without Logging In
Taming Master is an idle RPG, which means that players can progress in the game even when they are not actively playing. This is because the Summoner, the player's character, continues to battle even when the player is offline.

Automatic Pet Capture
Players can automatically obtain pets by idling. This means that players do not need to manually capture pets, which saves them time and effort.

Build a Powerful Pet Deck
Players can build their own deck of pets with various attributes and types. This allows players to create a deck that is tailored to their own playing style and preferences.

Unlimited Pet Farming
Players can farm pets through the Potential system. This system allows players to improve the stats and abilities of their pets. No two pets are the same in the world of Taming Master, so players can create their own unique and powerful pets.

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